A picture of the shockingly handsome author, taken by his wife on a visit to Plymouth, UK. February 2022.


I’m Robin, a designer and writer from the UK but now I live in San Francisco. This is where I experiment with storytelling and browsers, rant about typography, and work in public. My current side project is The Cascade.



  1. Job Hoppin’

    That’s what the money is for.

  2. The New Alt Media

    Anil Dash on the future.

  3. A prototype of the future

    Jack Cheng on novels.

  4. Against Landlords

    A grave injustice, a social violence, a threat.

  5. Design interviews

    Maybe this helps.

  6. Sleepless in San Francisco

    What the fuck was up with the mosquito spray?

  7. Designing The Cascade

    A website about the past, present, and future of CSS.

  8. Longboarding

    More nudge, less shove.

  9. Good and useful writing

    Just heckin’ figure things out.

  10. E-essays

    And a vast, sprawling intelligence based on SEO.

  11. Indoor Kid

    Comic books as type specimens!

  12. Design is a process of getting stuck

    “You often solve the problem yourself in the process of writing it out.”

  13. Good Taste

    “Find your taste; everyone else will catch up eventually.”

  14. The Other Side

    And an inherent flaw in the system.

  15. :has roundup

    A million smart and handy examples.

  16. One endless meeting

    The hard part is building stuff, not making decisions.

  17. Keyboard-first apps

    100% keyboard-driven, baby!

  18. Is there a sane way to use the internet?

    What mediums do you want to be more like?

  19. The Murderbot Diaries

    “As a heartless killing machine, I was a terrible failure.”

  20. Be kind, be cool

    A few notes on design principles.

  21. The Elevator Test

    Baby thuds of progress.

  22. Mini Manifesto

    A mighty fine morning for a rant.

  23. A *New* Program for Graphic Design

    Now let’s get started.

  24. A unified theory of fucks

    “Work isn’t a thing that can love.”

  25. If it doesn’t ship, then it doesn’t count

    They have a job to do.

  26. Be loud about the things you love

    Louder, louder still.

  27. Resolutions are dumb

    And a freight train of progress.

  28. Hitched

    We took our vows and then bolted for the exit.

  29. 22 panels


  30. Jusant

    Just go play the darn thing.

  31. I am a poem I am not software

    And the boring corporate handshake.

  32. Figure it out

    Teach an anxious boy to fish, etc. etc.

  33. Stop Using AI-Generated Images


  34. People and Blogs

    A chat with Manuel Moreale.

  35. Nuform Type

    Man, the websites.

  36. Help is just help

    What am I hoping for?

  37. Cut the Intro

    We don’t need a manifesto.

  38. Design systems, color spaces, and CSS


  39. The Cascade

    Loving CSS in 2023 feels lonely.


    So many opportunities!

  41. Typographic Malaise

    I fear that I’ve seen everything that typography is capable of.

  42. Meta in Myanmar

    Neglicence and genocide.

  43. Meh

    Taking care in the face of apathy.

  44. Metra Ticket Gallery

    Weak in the knees.

  45. Kobo Libra 2

    It’s the closest thing we’ve got.

  46. v13

    I will redesign my website today just to spite you.

  47. A lot of stuff is just fine.

    “…you really gotta try to screw up a website”

  48. Processing painful work exits

    How to cope when your job explodes.

  49. Why are websites embarrassing?

    I don’t even trust the back button any more.

  50. A Bar at the Folies-Bergère

    “Art does not progress by improving what came before…”

In Praise of Shadows


Systems, Mistakes, and the Sea


Söhne by Klim Type is perfect but I can’t say why since I mostly roll my eyes at big chunky neo-grotesques. You see them all the time and they look mean in a way that I find unpleasant. But Söhne has a warmth to it that’s missing in the other descendants of Akzidenz-Grotesk. It’s just lovely.


MD IO by Mass Driver is another favorite and I use it for captions and code blocks. It’s sort of in the same category as Söhne where I’ve seen endless mono typefaces and shrugged but this one makes me snap to attention. Oh, and make sure to check out the excellent type specimen site, too.