The Cascade

I’m starting a new project called The Cascade, a weekly newsletter that’s entirely dedicated to the front-of-the-front-end and CSS specifically, with the very first edition coming hot off the press tomorrow morning. My goal here, for now, is to create a place where I can learn about front-end development and share everything that’s cool and new on the world wide web.

But why another newsletter?

Well, I’ve kept my eye off the ball when it comes to CSS over the last few years. There’s just so many improvements and changes to the language that it’s easy to feel out of sync with front-end development in general. And with the death of the bird app, all those developers that I depended on to drag me along with them into the future have scattered to the four winds.

So loving CSS in 2023 feels...lonely.

I also dearly miss the CSS-Tricks Newsletter where, for several years, CSS had become my beat. Writing those newsletters every Saturday kept me in the loop, improving my front-end skills slowly over time. It also helped form a community around me where folks were constantly creating wonderful things in browsers and exploring all these thrilling new properties and features of CSS.

With The Cascade I hope to bring back some of that energy whilst also branching out and doing my own thing. It’s gonna be fun, I promise.

Subscribe here, and I’ll see you in the cascade: