Good and useful writing

Writing is often seen as a tool for teaching or informing, lecturing atop a golden soapbox. But all the best writers I know don’t care much for writing as communication as much as they do writing for just heckin’ figuring things out or for learning how they feel about something in the process of angrily clacking on keys.

The most important lesson that blogging taught me is that writing is for thinking first, communication last.

We all get stuck up on whether our writing is novel or unique or adding back to the Grand Conversation or the Discourse taking place all around us but absolutely eff all that. Writing doesn’t have to be Important or Impressive. It doesn’t have to be Novel or Exciting. You certainly don’t need to anxiously watch your spelling or make sure that every word is precious. You don’t need to consider every point in meticulous detail, you don’t need to make it poetic, you don’t need to make every word sing (yet).

You just need to write.