Is there a sane way to use the internet?

That’s the question that PJ Vogt asks Ezra Klein over on Search Engine. It’s a real interesting conversation and there’s a bit where they talk about how the medium you use the most influences the way you think. If you use IG all day long, you’ll see the world in squares and stories. If you use a feed all day long, you’ll see the world broken down into arguments. This scares me a bit if I’m honest!

Then Ezra hit me with this line:

What mediums do you want to be more like?

It’s blogging and novels, for me. I want all the romance and poetry of a novel combined with all the excitement and messiness of a blog. That seems like a nice balance.

But: now I gotta shift my behavior towards spending more times with those mediums if I want to be more like them, if I want to think in that way. And I often fall off of blogging because the noise and pace of it sometimes doesn’t suit me and Murderbot is the first novel I’ve read in months.

So I gotta fix this.