CSS-Tricks is a popular website by Chris Coyier with articles about CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and all things related to web design and development. In 2014 I joined the team as a staff writer and had free rein to write about whatever I wanted. It was a dream gig.

Over the years I wrote about everything; design systems, weird visual trends, new CSS features, and whacky experiments with what’s now possible in a web browser. Not only that but I made a ton of extremely fun prototypes to help me out.

Figure 1. The design of the site changed constantly, but this is one of my favorites.

Of all the things I wrote for CSS-Tricks, there’s a few articles that I’m still proud of:

  1. Exploring What the Details Element Can Do
  2. Stacked Cards with Sticky Positioning
  3. Why is CSS frustrating?
  4. How to Make a CSS-only Carousel
  5. Dark Mode and Variable Fonts

For years I also wrote the newsletter each Sunday that went out to more than 90,000 readers at one point. It was a great place to summarize all the drama in the front-end world and experience writing on a tight deadline.

Figure 2. Where it all started.