Why is file manipulation so hard?

So I don’t know bash. But why do I need to learn it to, say, grab all the files in a folder and prepend some text to the beginning? Why if I want to do anything with files or text or manipulate any file into another kind of file I always have to download some other third party app or find some weird script somewhere?

All computers do is take a file, turn it into another kind of file, or edit/delete/etc. They manipulate one form of data into something else.

If that’s the case then why do I still need to learn how to use bash in 2021? It seems so archaic to me. There should be an app (kinda like Permute) that lets me manipulate text documents.

It’s like all the power of this computer is locked behind a pane of glass, just because I don’t want to memorize or learn this dumbass language that is barely readable. I don’t want to have to dig through man docs. I don’t want to create a script and then run it.

I want all the power of coding without any of the coding.

Make the computer meet me where I am.