We’re looking for a designer

Sentry is looking for a senior product designer to join the team in Vienna. We’re doing a bunch of exciting work and I wouldn’t link to it here unless I loved my current gig. Also! Get in touch if you’re interested and have any questions about Sentry’s culture or what we’re working on. I’m always happy to chat about that stuff.

Also also! I know every recruiter says this (and it always makes my eyes roll) but Sentry is one of the few companies where designers can make a big impact. It’s not just about moving pixels around and doing what you’re commanded to do. Everyone has a surprising degree of autonomy and so if you’re are an experienced designer who wants to crank out great work then I can’t think of any other place I’d recommend.

I’ve shipped more good work at Sentry in the last month than I did in eight months in my previous gig. It’s bonkers.