Vulf Sans

Not only is Vulf Sans by OhNo Type Co a wonderful contribution to my growing list of typefaces that I need to use in a project soon, it also has perhaps the best ad from any type foundry I’ve ever seen.

Originally designed for Jack Stratton’s band Vulfpeck, Vulf Sans has now grown into an expansive family with a ton of charm and lots of little quirks (the italics especially). And this new ad with Jack walking down the street talking about why Vulf Sans exists is as funny and charming and lovely as the new type family itself.

Why is this video so charming that it’s encouraged me to blog though? Well, I think because it’s made me realize that typography doesn’t have to be so uptight and serious. You don’t need to sell fonts to fancy designers with a big parallax website – you can make a quirky video on the street and sell fonts to their friends and parents instead.

And that’s kinda liberating, to me at least.