Volume A

Okay! Since I mentioned that the Kindle is a punk rock essay machine I’ve started to wonder...what if I gathered a bunch of my favorite posts from Adventures, bundled them up into a Kindle book and donated all the proceeds to charity? It would help me learn how ebooks really work under the hood, plus I could punch up some of my writing a bit, and of course maybe help some folks in the process.

I already have a working title: Adventures in Typography: Volume A. Which is funny, because there would probably not be any other volumes to this thing. And the cover design? Well, it had me scouring the web for this old post on the purpose of book covers by Seth Godin:

Is the purpose of the cover to sell books, to accurately describe what's in the book, or to tee up the reader so the book has maximum impact?

The third.

Dave called this whole thing a bootleg .mobi, which of course I love. Except instead of me selling these things out of the back of my car in a parking lot outside a pub, I would just be selling it on Amazon dot com whilst I sit on my butt and play The Last of Us: Part II until my eyes bleed.

Anyway, the whole thing would be $5. But would folks be interested in this? I’m not sure. It’s always been difficult (as I assume it is for writers of every ilk) to ask for money for this kind of writing. Does it have any value?

Screw it, I’ll just go make it. Now here comes the first question though: how the eff do I make a book?