View Transitions API

I can’t look at Dave’s tutorial about the View Transitions API without my mind racing through all the possibilities here. How does this change web design in the future? Do websites even use frameworks if all you need for some app-like animations is a few lines of JavaScript and CSS?

Looks like Jake Archibald also has a great tutorial that shows what’s going to be possible soon and Chris has collected a ton of recent examples now that View Transitions has landed in a version of Chrome behind a flag.

Not to sound too romantic or anything but I can imagine that this could change the texture and feeling of websites in the future. That app-like-slickness is something that web folks have dreamed of for years (although I’ve always been cynical about and kinda pushed back against on my own projects — I want my websites to feel like websites).

Anyway, even this cynical jerk is excited about this thing.

(I wonder what kind of weirdo transition stuff I can make with the next essay...)