Vectro Type

Vectro Type is a heckin’ neat website and type foundry from the folks that made Chartwell—a somewhat revolutionary font from back in the day that let you type in a series of numbers (c+67+33 for example) and it’s OpenType magic would then convert that string into a bar, line, or pie chart. I remember seeing Chartwell for the first time in college and the enormous gasp! that exploded out of me.

Anyway, that’s Vectro. Now they have their own website and are officially a foundry you can buy weird fonts from. I particularly like WHOA which has some seriously cool variable font stuff going on:

WHOA is an experimental variable font, named after the sound commonly heard after dragging the slider for the first time. Use four sliders to expand the outlines into a three dimensional hyperspace. It also comes with a filled ‘top’ style, that can be layered on top to help with readability.

VCTR Mono is exceptional as well. There’s a lot of monospace fonts out there but this one has a little bit of quirky wonkiness going on that I adore. But it’s not even remotely enough to be annoying or to impact readability. And I think that applies to Vectro’s body of work; they all have an offset-charm that’s similar to OhNo Type and their bananas work:

This monospaced type design is warm, slightly goofy, and tactile. Inspired by text found on the lenses and bodies of manual cameras, specifically Leicas and Nikons.

Okay one last compliment and then I’ll shut up: Vectro’s Tester page has all their fonts lined up so you can quickly take a glance and it’s just real nice.