Fixed a few things around these parts today; I started using Fakir for headings and tidied up a lot of stuff on smaller screens. The biggest change is that the headings now change size depending on the width of the container that they’re in, like this:

.title-wrapper {
container-type: inline-size;

.title-wrapper h1 {
font-size: 15cqw;

One of the problems with this type of responsive heading is that I want the size of the text to change depending on the number of words in the title. So if a title is small—like “Analog”—then I want that to be enormous, but if the title is real long—“Questionable Best Practices in Modern Front-end Development”—then I want the text to scale down a bit and fit in a reasonable space.

But after all these years, it looks there’s no good way to responsively set the font-size of big headings without knowing the exact number of words or letters in them. We’ve got rem, vw, and now cqw units but none of them work precisely the way I want them to.

So I’m kinda forced to write a bunch of logic that takes into consideration...

  • Small, one-word titles that need to be monstrously big
  • Long, one word titles that need to be medium-sized
  • Real long sentences that need to be smallish-sized to fit

That convinced me that I should just write a whole bunch of hacky JavaScript that detects how many words and letters are in the h1 and then slaps a CSS class on it:

const title = document.querySelectorAll("#heading")[0];
const titleLetters = title.textContent.length;
const titleWords = title.textContent.trim().split(/\s+/).length;

if (titleLetters > 15) {

if (titleLetters > 10) {

if (titleLetters > 8 && titleWords < 2) {

I’m sure there’s a better way to do this but, hey, it works fine for now.

I had a lot of hacky fun making the headings work across different screen sizes although it’s a bit frustrating that there’s no way in CSS to make a relationship between the number of words in a sentence and the size of the text. Also, having so many ways length values to set the font-size definitely adds to that feeling of overwhelmingness when it comes to writing CSS.

I don’t want yet another value in CSS—cqw works well enough for me. But I really wish there was some way to do this CSS alone. Something like...

.element:letters(<5) {
font-size: 10cqw;

.element:words(> 2) {
font-size: 15cqw;

:letters() and :words() is perhaps a little silly and maybe it’s super not performant to do this with CSS alone but the idea is sound to me. It’s sorta like a media query, I guess.

Anyway, lemme know what ya think about the new design of this here website. I’m sure there’s all sorts of kinks I’ll need to smooth out this weekend.