Typeface 3

Today I stumbled upon Typeface 3, a great mac app that lets you organize all your fonts and test em out before you use em. It’s part font library and part design tool, where you can quickly see which fonts have which features and then mess around with them a bit before jumping into your design tool of choice.

A screenshot of the Typeface 3 mac app

It’s really, really good. I immediately threw down $30 for the Pro version which seems like a bargain when it shows you each of the OpenType features of a font and all the variable axes, too.

I don’t know why I’ve never picked a dedicated font library app until now. I guess because organizing fonts has always been a small nightmare. I’ve simply had a folder in Dropbox that has all the custom fonts I’ve bought and whenever I want to use one I skim the folder or search randomly, painfully for things in macOS’s Font Book. Then I find it in Figma and open up the type panel to play around with it, realize that this font doesn’t quite work, then I go back to my Dropbox folder and start all over again.

Typeface 3 changes all that; I can quickly see fonts from my own library or fonts from Google or Adobe’s catalogue. That’s real neat! I can tag fonts, move fonts into folders, and even search by font with the best text underline style.

Which is of course something I will do.