Type Revival for Film & TV

Here’s Leah Spencer writing for Alphabettes about her fabulous work as a graphic designer for film and TV. Her job is to create all the typographic objects that you might see in a show like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel but Leah says that you have to tackle these projects differently though, you have to take yourself out of the picture as much as possible:

As a Graphic Designer for Film & TV, I work in the art department and create anything that is seen on screen with text and or imagery, such as storefront signs, food packaging, patterned wallpaper, stacks of bills, newspapers, lost cat flyers, or even children’s drawings. The range of items we create is incredibly broad, and the cool thing about that is it reframes graphic design from an exclusive, professional pursuit into a universal human activity. If everything is design, everyone is a designer. So instead of creating as “Leah Spencer, graphic designer,” I have to create as a shopkeeper, as a sign painter, as a college student, as an accountant, and so on.

The whole post is great, as Leah walks through her process for taking type from old specimens, throwing them into Photoshop, and transforming them into fonts she can reuse. It’s all frustratingly beautiful work.

Also: ugh. Even Leah’s resume completely rules.