Two Years of Mass-Driver

Rutherford Craze breaks down the last two years of Mass-Driver, the type foundry he started back in 2020:

When I started Mass-Driver, I wasn’t certain whether the studio would still be around in 2022. I was hopeful, perhaps even confident, but still not completely sure I’d be able to make it work — so I’m extremely happy to say that today, the foundry is not just sustainable but (slightly) profitable. I’m really excited to see what the next two years hold: not just new typefaces and collaborations, but also the resources and time to focus even more on usability, language support, and production quality for typefaces.

It’s super interesting to read about all this, both from the type design point of view but also the publishing side as well. For example, by using Future Fonts to help kick start his excellent font publishing run—which now consists of a lot of lovely work—he has his own independent foundry and yet can also start getting paid for projects really early in the development of things. That’s exciting to me!