Tokyo Train Station Stamps

For my birthday I played a game with some pals where, via Discord, we streamed one of us opening up Google Maps and walking to highschool via street view. It was extremely adorable and we started telling each other stories about these multi-year long walks; about our friends and families, how they changed over time, and how we were influenced by the geography of the place itself.

Ali mentioned that in Tokyo each train station has a little kiosk where you can collect a stamp—after a quick search I found this gorgeous Tumblr-esque site chock full of these train station stamps and oh boy oh wow heck yes.

This has me might I make this stamp effect with SVG filters? I think that’s what I’ll take a crack at this weekend since I haven’t really played around with filters at all. Plus, since moving back into a full-time design role, I’m sort of dying to work on a fun side project that’s all about front-end development again.