This thing is remarkable. Designed by Andy Clymer back in 2019, Tilt is a family of the three typefaces based on signage that Andy spotted around New York City. There’s Neon, Prism, and Warp—my favorite here is Prism:

Tilt Prism references the lettering that you might find vacuum-formed in plastic on a theater marquee, or cast in bronze at the entrance to a bank.

Incredible! But here’s something even better: on the website you can move your cursor across the screen and the letters will respond in kind. They’ll bend and contort and move around—that’s not some SVG magic though, but the power of the variable font format:

With the advent of the variable font format, I like to think that a designer is freed from the traditional layout of a family of type. Tilt doesn’t give a designer variable control over the parameters you might expect — such as weight and width — but instead lets you dial in the “Horizontal Rotation” (HROT) and “Vertical Rotation” (VROT) of the tilting letterforms.

Even if this type family didn’t have all this fancy variable font stuff I would still be enamored by it. So I’m gonna bookmark the heck out of this and use it in my next project.