Things we left in the old web

Kicks Condor:

It seems that everything is white and blue in the present day. We’ve settled on these neutral colors, in case we need to sell it all. The old garish animated construction cones and embedded MIDI files are relegated to Neocities now—and who even cares what that is?

When we post, we post a few words. A picture and a few words. Some gray words on white. With a little blue.

This is one reason I was happy to see RSS fall out of favor. I don’t really want to read everything in Arial, gray on white with a little blue. Blog posts that were beautifully arranged in their homes, now stuffed together into a makeshift public shelter of dreary gray and white and chalked around with a little line of blue.

I disagree with a bunch of things in this post (I still believe that RSS is the web at its finest) but I enjoy the way that Kicks (R E A L L Y ?) writes and makes websites. His argument? The web can be for fun! Not everything must make money! Let’s login and be weird together!

Also, because I have deep seated ~web anxiety~ about not being cool enough online, I wonder if I should make this place messier and wilder…