The Right Number

My pal Lucy Bellwood just launched a new project:

The Right Number is a gentle, noncommercial space where your only job is to be yourself. Upon dialing you’ll be connected to a voicemail box and given a brief prompt. You have three minutes to answer however you’d like.

The Right Number is also an experiment. Future prompts may take different forms or branch out into other types of media. Things could change at any time. That’s life for you.

I helped build the site but the striking design and buck wild typographic choices are all the work of Lucy’s ever-so-lovely style. And I think it was a cool project for a bunch of reasons; we wrote everything in plain ol’ HTML and CSS, working together on the phone and using Codepen, then Lucy dragged the exported folder into Netlify and BOOM! A website was born.

Side note: I wish Codepen was the editor and the place you could deploy the website though. Like, here’s a pen, give it a fancy domain name, and then hit deploy. Maybe an integration with Netlify or something.

Anyway, websites and friendship is cool.