The Return of the Blogroll

New design day! Well, really it’s more of a typographic facelift with a few improvements to the homepage, but still.

Why have I redesigned this here website? I guess for a while now I’ve felt that I want to push back against the grain of the web a tiny bit: most websites reduce and reduce and reduce until there’s nothing but a single sentence on the page. And...that can be good! Brevity is the soul of something or other, but now it feels like most personal websites are simply calling cards.

With this new design I want to challenge myself to more than just a single sentence or a single column per page. What if, instead, I showed you who I really am? A clunky, somewhat disorganized thinker with sticky notes all over the place. Blogrolls and folks I admire! Random font appreciation! The latest notes that have been rattling around in my head!

I also went in this direction because one thing I miss about ye olde web is that feeling of falling into—and through—a blog. There was so much stuff on a page back then you felt like you could really get caught up in the life of someone. Sure, you wouldn’t knowing where to begin. There’s hyperlinks all over the place and weird projects over there and threads about random things over there.

It was like stumbling into someone's office and rummaging about in their desk. You could see more clearly who someone was, despite the lack of focus and that single perfect sentence/elevator-pitch that welcomes you on every website today.

So, welcome to whatever this is. Let’s see how it goes.