The Quiet Redesign

Earlier this week I flew down to a friend’s home in Anaheim for Thanksgiving and, in between home made apple pies and far too much turkey, I found time to update the design of this ol’ place a bit. Now I’m using Klim Type’s Söhne for headings and the ever-so-lovely Newzald for body copy and blockquotes. The new design is extremely first year graphic design student: everything is black with that giant sans and it all says “hello, yes, I’m moving to New York!” (Although I’m not.)

I wouldn’t really say this is a redesign though, as I’ve just improved the typesetting so it ought to be considerably easier to read. I think the interesting thing about this is how will this feel? Does this dark-mode-esque style suit my writing? Does the bold sans and declarative oomph of Söhne match my tone and voice? Will this design change my writing in some way?

These are all questions that I’m excited to find answers to.