The literary life of Octavia E. Butler

Via Susan Jean Robertson, here’s a story about Octavia Butler's life for the LA Times by Aida Ylanan and Casey Miller—they’ve made a particularly lovely story here by binding the map of Butler’s life with the format of the site itself.

It's all focused on a bird’s eye view of LA—as you scroll, the story jumps from one location in Butler’s life to the next with these tiny cards. But I sort of finished this story wanting so much more. This format has a ton of promise and I wanted to see it used in some other way, but it also left me wanting to read so much more about Butler’s life, too.

This reminds me that earlier this year I read The Parable of the Sower, the only novel I read of Butler’s, and I entirely adored it. But it also stressed me best possible way? Go read it, but make sure to sandwich it in between two very soft and calm books.