After watching the Democratic National Convention last night, and for the first time in 3 years, I felt pangs of genuine hope. Sure, some of the music videos are cheesy and some of the points are a bit repetitive. But the video of the first day in the convention is genuinely uplifting.

I wondered though: why do we have to wait 4 years for a moment like this? The Democrats should hold an event like this every single year; educating the public about the state of Senate and House races, about the Democratic legislative agenda, about what was accomplished over the past year, and how to make this country a more just place.

It would be an E3 or Nintendo Direct or an Apple keynote but far, far more important. No celebrities, no propaganda. But just like this: talking about empathy, discussing how to fix the economy. A Democratic Publishing Platform for the Tik Tok generation.

Anyway, last night I realized that I’m a Democrat. I won’t stand any more galaxy-brain “both parties are the same” madness. We have no time for that.

There is far too much work to do.