The Curse of Academy Engraved LET

I couldn’t agree more with Chris here when he asks if it’s really necessary to show hundreds of junk fonts in macOS Ventura:

That’s 567!!!! Fonts!!!! Automatically installed that you cannot remove or deactivate on macOS Ventura. What in the absolute heck.

And for the record my preferred font management tool Typeface can’t deactivate it either. So it seems like there isn’t an easy third-party way to skirt the restrictions in FontBook.

That gets real annoyin’ when you’re doing anything with fonts but it’s especially annoying in tools like Figma, where I basically live now. Each time ya wanna select a font you’re greeted with hundreds of system fonts that you can’t hide or dismiss and so you have to endlessly hunt for the few good ones or the custom fonts you’ve bought and installed. It’s a real confusing mess.

So: dear Tim, please let us remove these fonts from macOS Ventura.