Thanks Doc

A couple of months back, Craig mentioned in a video that he has a doc filled to the brim with snippets of text—nice words, compliments, and thanks that had been sent his way for his work. Whenever someone says something nice he just copy/pastes it into that doc.

It sounds silly at first and perhaps a little egotistical. Behold! I have a document that proves how great I am!

But I started doing it just to see what it feels like and...hey...actually? It’s so great! When I’m feeling low (often) or whenever the world feels unstable (extremely often) it’s so very nice to return to a few kind words about my work. It reminds me just how much these words of praise mean, it reminds me that I ought to pass that favor along.

I should say thank you! you’re amazing! great job! more often because returning to these compliments is always a bulwark against apathy.