Shift Happens Livestream

Mark your calendars: next week on Tuesday Feb 7th, I’ll be chatting with Marcin Wichary in a livestream about his book, Shift Happens, which beautifully details the history of keyboards from punch cards and typewriters to the rectangles in our pockets. Earlier that morning Marcin’s Kickstarter for the book opens up and then shortly after we’re going to celebrate in the livestream.

There’s so much to talk about! There’s the painstaking research Marcin has poured into this book investigating keyboards, plus there’s a million questions I want to ask him about the design process, the photographs, the typesetting, the people that make up the stories in his book and, of course, what Marcin’s favorite keyboards are.

We’re going to run the livestream over on YouTube and you can subscribe here to get pinged when we’re live. It all starts at 11am PST, 2pm EST, or 7pm GMT. See you there!