Our favourite typefaces of 2013

Typographica has once again published a collection of reviews about last year’s type releases and so I’ll be spending the next couple of days carefully bookmarking and reading each of them in turn. This is one of my favourite annual traditions now – creeping through the spiral of links, stories and subsquent threads of Typographica, diving into the comments for more information and slowly weaving together the various interconnected strands of its archive. For a class-A type nerd like yours truly, this is a real treat.

The editor and typographer Stephen Coles begins the collection by summarising 2013 in his now familiar and charming way:

This year’s writers are almost as international as the typefaces they cover. More importantly, they represent a variety of perspectives from both sides of font making and using. Type designers, print and web designers, educators, writers, historians — we can all learn from the manifold ways that people from such divergent backgrounds perceive a typeface.

As a reminder, this annual is not a compe­tition in which submitted entries are awarded by an official jury.

With this in mind, I was honoured to pen a piece on Brandon Text. There’s a lot to love about this typeface and I think my review shows just how interesting it once you stop to take a closer look:

Brandon text