Okay, sue me!

So I was wrong about that piece by Jason Farago — it's definitely not inspired by Newsletters at all. Just a quick search for his other pieces show one from November 2020 and earlier. So I'm not an inspiration, huh?


Jokin’ aside, it's neat that we came to the same conclusion though. I've never seen this work before and yet somehow we both came to this format separately. Maybe there's some work that links us, that binds us together, some old website with a format adjacent to this scrolly-panel business. Perhaps we read the same comics and the same novels and independently arrived at incredibly similar ideas through that.

There's something oddly comforting to me about this because damn I absolutely love reading in this way. It forces you to slow down and not just skim through the piece like any old article. You have to hold your breath. Slowly. Sentence by sentence.