Night Owl

After screaming for several months non-stop about it, my pal Lucy Bellwood has finally relented and is now starting to blog more often. Lucy writes (and this is why you should subscribe to this RSS feed immediately):

I’m lying in the dark, brain whirring. Too much Borges before bed.

There’s a dog baying at regular intervals somewhere down by the river—a canine foghorn. There are crickets, and the wash of cool night air already filing the room. I’m on the edge of going under when I hear the faintest echo of a Great Horned Owl.

It jolts me awake. Ears pricked. Eyes wide. After a moment’s hesitation, I climb out of bed, unlatch the window, and slip into the garden.

This reminds me that I should make a blogroll of web friends that continue to fill my RSS reader with light and magic. Even if I’ve had to shout at them about it.