Moiré no more

Just as I finished moaning about not finding any good reading out there, I spotted this post by Marcin on how he fixed old photographs for his book:

Somehow, through hard work of people much smarter than me, I could go deep into the photo and not only inspect its frequencies, but actually change them. Imagine being able to edit the nutrition label and see the food transform in front of you. Imagine drawing on top of a weather forecast and summon rain this way. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep.

I met up with Marcin the other day. We talked about his upcoming book all about typewriters, Shift Happens, and the absolutely bonkers amount of time he’s spent writing, editing, designing, and researching this thing. We talked about how he typeset the smallest of details and so—if that preview was anything to go by—this book is going to be something extraordinary; a truly beautiful thing.

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