My favorite typeface right now is Magnet by Inga Plönnigs. I’ve been working on a side project for the last couple of weeks that I’ll be sharing with y’all this weekend and Magnet has been by my side the whole time, making me look much smarter than I really am.

The most distinctive feature of Magnet is how it has these big chunks sliced out of the letters, making them look almost italicized, as Inga explains in her design notes:

Magnets in the real world will exert their force whether they’re shaped as bars, discs, horseshoes or anything else. After sketching and experimenting and revising, the Magnet typeface ended with two distinct shapes, ready to push and pull in their own way.

A diagram of the typeface Magnet, showing chunks carved out of the letters at a slant

If you’re not sold yet then Magnet’s type specimen is worth every second of your time. In the text version, a great many of these letters look as if they’re showing off for no good reason at all, like the lowercase g with its tiny uptick:

A zoomed in version of Magnet Text

So neat!