Lubalin’s Logotypes

Herb Lubalin and his studios created a vast number of logos over the years. In a career that spanned over 40 years, Lubalin easily created over a hundred marks. Some were corporate logos, some were for non-profits, some were merely tight lock-ups that could act as titles on books, or seen on ads. The range is pretty spectacular.

No kidding. This is a great website that’s dedicated to Herb Lubalin’s work and showcases some of the charming logotypes he made over that time. Also! After clicking around Flat File site for a bit I spotted this post and I like how they’ve added a tiny camera icon to reveal who the person is in the story. I always get a bit excited whenever I see novel ways to hypertext.

Oh and this also reminds me of the story about Herb Lubalin and the first floor.