RSS favorites

Dave Rupert mentioned the other day that he had made a page on his website that gathers his most recent favorites from Feedbin and lets you scroll through them or even subscribe to them. I thought this was such a great idea that I decided to rip it off entirely!

First up, you’ll need to head to Feedbin > Settings > Starred article feed and toggle that on. This will create a feed of every post that you star and it’ll then give you a link. Next up you’ll need to write a script that parses that feed URL with JavaScript and this had me a bit stumped as I’ve never done anything like this before. After fiddling around with DevTools I figured out how Dave did it but he mentioned that this post by Chris is where he got the idea from.

Here’s the final script but, as Chris mentions in that post, it’s probably best to cache this stuff. Although for now I think this is fine, I’ll figure that step out later.

For now you can head to /likes to see my favorites or you can use this link to subscribe to them if that’s your jam.