Let’s all wear a mask

Here’s Maciej Cegłowski on why we should wear a mask when walking around in public:

In countries like Taiwan and Japan, even before this pandemic started, it was common for people to put on a mask on at the first sign of a cold, or to wear one at all times in the winter months, particularly on public transportation. It was a small courtesy to fellow passengers.

If you’ve never seen it before, a subway car full of people wearing surgical masks can be an arresting sight. In America, we still tend to associate face masks with hospitals and illness. But it only takes a short time for the practice to start feeling normal, and that’s where we want to get to in the next couple of weeks across America and Europe.

Here in the states, the CDC is now recommending wearing a mask, weeks into the pandemic. This is the result of middle-management and incompetence at such an unimaginable scale.