Late night website work

I made a bunch of fun updates to the site last night: fixed a lot of the default typography styles (they’re not good yet, please hold!), added a few colors, replaced a ton of tags in older blog posts, and sort of redesigned the homepage around that. Now when you head to the homepage you won’t see a list of notes but a bunch of categories, instead. I’m still working through how I want that to work but there’s a few old posts in there that I like, posts that have disappeared into the archive.

Also last night was well spent looking for a typeface: oh the joy of watching a bad movie in the background whilst my computer is chock full of test fonts and .pdf specimens and endless tabs upon tabs of letters!

Of the many miracles I discovered last night, Grilli Type’s Free Trails was among the best. They let you download their whole font catalogue and from there you can import them into your website, switching things out quickly and playfully. So after a few experiments and click-clacking fonts together I settled on GT Alpina, a buck wild serif that matches my writing somewhat well.

So what’s left for the site now? Well, I’ve still gotta polish a lot of things, fix the typography some more, redesign the homepage and think about how all these tags can act like little magazines or something.