Okay, so I finally got around to watching Invincible—a new show on Amazon Prime based on a comic book I’d never heard of—and holy shit did it wreck an evening for me the other day.

If you like great shows, go watch it. But if you like great shows that dive into the subject matter of abusive parents and extreme dad stuff then I cannot possibly recommend it more highly.

After the first season concluded I sat up in bed crying for half an hour afterwards, even though the show is mostly about stupid aliens and violent super heroes. Sure, yes, it has a ton of intergalactic monsters and violent flying men in it but that’s just the stuff thrown in to mask the tough question at the center of all the anime nonsense.

I think at the very core of the show, Invincible asks a single question of us: how can we love the people who hurt us the most?

How can we love our parents?