Note to self: this week you need to sit down and play around with IndieKit, a tool that lets you publish things to your website. Here’s Paul Robert Lloyd writing about why he built this thing and what it does:

Today I’m formally launching Indiekit, the little Node.js server with all the parts needed to publish content to your personal website and share it on social networks.

Think of Indiekit as the missing link between a statically generated website and the social web protocols developed by the IndieWeb community and recommended by the W3C.

I’m real excited about this! I’ve had to build my own kinda CMS setup for working on this here website but it falls short in many ways. In fact, I often feel like I have to make many small usability sacrifices in order to publish things independently on the web. But why does our writing/publishing experience have to suck just because we don’t want to buy into big SAAS apps?

Paul strongly believes that we can do better and so I’m super excited to go down this rabbit hole and see what I can learn about all this tonight.