In Praise of Shadows

Pals! Nerds! Photo-buddies! I just hit the big green publish button on a new essay called In Praise of Shadows. Here’s the cover:

The cover of my website, In Praise of Shadows

It’s an essay about photography and my new camera, the FujiFilm X100V, but it’s also about what I’ve learned over the past six months; where to put my feet, how to line things up, how to edit photographs. It’s about a bunch of mistakes I’ve made and it’s also about how this camera has changed how I see the world a bit.

But the real exciting thing to me about all this is really the format.

It’s a big scrolly essay (optimized mostly for your phone) and you can click anywhere to progress or turn back to a previous "slide". Also, the images that I’m describing in the essays are hidden, mischeviously obfuscated by the text that sits on top:

An example slide from the website

I know some people already kinda don’t like this (how can you have an essay about photography without showing me the photograph!) but that’s all part of the fun. I’m not a great photographer, and really the pictures I’m taking are not as important as what I’ve learned over the last six months. Plus, it creates this air of mystery that I like.

Anyway, that’s it. I’d love your thoughts/unrelenting praise if you have any. Go read this thing!