Hyperbolic Time Chamber v.1

To spread out the anxiety a bit during the Quarantimes, I’ve transformed my apartment into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber; I picked up an exercise bike and I’ve started to treat my health more seriously. I also noticed that throwing all this excess attention into one thing is incredibly calming, alongside it being good for my health. With each day my goals are simple: eat well, wake up early, and push myself on the bicycle.

It’s sort of dumb, but it helps.

Anyway, progress is slow—I’ve only started measuring things recently—but I can already see a difference. My attention and focus is returning to normal. I feel like I’m taking things less seriously. I’m hopeful about things again.

I’ve been working out for about six months now but I’m cranking up the heat considerably. Eating well is always the hardest part about this. And I guess I have a long way to go until I’m happy about things, but perhaps recording progress here will make myself a bit more accountable.

Yay for blogging about embarrassing things! I am growing and learning!