From the distance of this website

I can be whoever I want and no-one can tell me otherwise. I can be funny or dark, a romantic or a raging goth. I can be a typographer, a web designer, a poet. Tomorrow? My accent can change, the colors revert, typefaces flipped inside out; I can change everything about this website and reimagine who I am. Edit the bad or worrisome or downright embarrassing stuff out, throw away the unsavory stuff, until I’m only showing you me at my very best.

So what you see here isn’t me.

Without the safety of this website my flaws and vices are clear: I’m often lazy and uncoordinated. I don’t have a lot of natural social grace (or rather it takes a long time for me to warm up to charming). My ego gets in the way all the time, and I’m so very jealous of everyone around me. Also: I’m perpetually, completely, infinitely terrified of everything.

So websites are weird like that. They’re a fun house of mirrors that can be manipulated in every which way to hide who the author really is. And I don’t mean that in a cynical way, I mean to say this with a dash of optimism: with this website I can redesign myself as much as I do the homepage (I hope you like the new one).

With this website I can figure out who I want to be.