Framer CMS

What the who the what? I clearly have not been paying enough attention to Framer because they just released something called “Framer Sites” which looks impressive to say the least: but the TL;DR is that you can now use Framer as a full blown Content Management System.

What! That’s amazing.

Also, side note, but Framer seems to be in a weird position, product-wise. Not only is it taking over from Figma as the industry’s leading-edge design tool, but with this whole idea of building websites from within Framer itself, I can't help but think that it’s also replacing Notion? Weird! Either way, describing Framer as just a simple design tool feels really shortsighted — just look at how easy it is to design things across breakpoints as an example.

I guess my point here is that today I used Figma and it felt like I was designing a series of pages. But with Framer it feels like you’re building systems instead.

And that’s something to watch/celebrate.