Fonts in Focus: Louche

Louche is a striking typeface and John Boardley has the scoop:

In 2019, Joona graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag with a Masters in Type Design. It was during the course that the idea for Louche was born. Joona wondered how a typeface might feel like an italic while remaining upright in stance. At first glance, Louche (pronounced Loosh) appears to be an idiosyncratic and condensed high-contrast display typeface. Upon closer inspection, it still is! But it’s also much more — in both its conception and execution.

Look at that ampersand! And the lowercase e, n, and g! These shapes have such high contrast (extremely thick and thin strokes) that it even looks gothic in some parts, like the lowercase y.

I think I'm going to go buy this from Future Fonts. It's too weird not to.