Everyone in the world is just an email away

I wrote an email to Lucy over the weekend all about, well, email and the web:

Anyway, I see HTML and CSS as a bridge—a set of languages and agreements between browsers that give us access to nigh-on everyone in the world. (And I think that’s a neat way to see publishing in general, actually. Publish a thing and suddenly you have access to more ideas and weirder friends, rather than just simply acquiring a handful of retweets and a bunch of $).

Anyway anyway, I’m typing at you now from my inbox which is then being published as a blog post via Hey World—once I hit send it’ll be catapulted out into the ether for everyone to read. Isn’t that exciting? Even our inboxes are publishing platforms now. And sure, Hey is a commercial product, but what this suggests to me is that we haven’t even come close to figuring out the web yet.