Every Photograph from Shadows

I took a lot of photos for In Praise of Shadows and after a ton of humming and hawing and editing in Lightroom, I think I discovered at least one or two good pictures in the batch. So! Considering I hid all that with the stubborn text sitting on top, I thought it would be fun to show all the photographs here.

A human shadow distorted across a wooden fence with a finger extended, pointing to the right A glass case of ancient fossils and the shoulder of a woman looking at the material A pink flower framed in a sea of wet green leaves Large rocks along a shoreline with the number 13 painted on the center most rock A woman with a camera around her neck, standing on the porch outside a wooden building A black and white picture of a large pond in the rain. In the distance a group of tourists descend a small hill. The reflection of a man in a mirror smiling, with a camera around his neck A person stands on a cracked pavement A grassy field with the sea in the horizon. A hint of red flowers in the middle. The tiniest of green cars is parked by the side of the road. In the background, a twisted net of branches covers a wall. A seagull is centered in the middle of a great blue sky. Midday shadows along a rocky cliff. A bookshelf. Downtown San Francisco, seen from Twin Peaks. A road curves around itself in the foreground and a lone cyclist can be seen as a tiny dot. Grafiti markings on a pavement. Bernal Hill in the distance. It’s a summer’s day. It is warm and my feet hurt. The FujiFilm X100V on a desk. The screen is lit up. The hotel room is cold but I’m excited to get out and take pictures all day long. The FujiFilm X100V again. A photograph of a book is seen on the LCD screen. The FujiFilm X100V yet again. But this time from a different angle. Sorry. Red, pinkish flowers stretch up a stone wall. A boat sails along the Seine towards a bridge. I wonder where it’s going. Everyone looks happy. A blurry photo taken from a car of a field with power lines and a large, squat building in the background The muscular stone back of a man in statue. He looks down to the right. A woman stands in a greenhouse. Sunlight shines through the glass windows and a nest of sticks and leaves curves along her left hand side. Shadows everywhere. In the Japanese Tea Garden in Portland, Oregon a couple shelter from the rain beneath a red and blue umbrella. A prickly green bush. From a window, a string of houses huddle on a hillside. Trees. A yellow road sign pointing to the left. A Japanese Garden. It’s cold, it’s wet. I have had too much food. A beautiful metal shop sign that reads 'Galerie Vivienne' is splattered with shadows in the afternoon sun. Two pink flowers are found in the middle of a tiny forest of green pointy leaves. A tree with flowers on every branch stretches up into a big blue sky. Shadows criss-cross their way along the teeth of an enormous whale skeleton A beach in Florida. Soft clouds. Scratches and footsteps in the sand. A jogger running into the distance. White shoes on gravel. Gold and candles and intricate carvings on a palace wall. Paintings and red curtains. Oppulence. A Japanese lantern in the middle of the street. A house in the distance. Foliage, trees, everywhere. Rain falls from the underside of a roof. In the background a mossy roof of a Japanese building can be clearly seen A hand rests on a bannister overlooking a museum filled to the brim with ancient skeletons A large golden sign on a white building reads: 'Albert Tronc' The Venus de Milo in the Louvre, France. The statue’s arms have been removed and she leans off to one side. A tiny hole in a wooden fence reveals a house in the distance like a porthole at sea A red leaf rests peacefully on the pavement. Cracks and shadows. A white spray can has marked the space next to it for some reason. A seagull rests on a lamp post with a freeway sign beneath. Human, monkey, chimpanzee, and ape skulls in a row with small placards written in French nearby. A distorted shadow cuts a yellow building cleanly in two. A lazy Sunday perfectly captured: criss-crossing electrical lines, a great blue sky, the hills of Noe Valley in San Francisco. A woman with a backpack walks up a hill. Trees block her path and surround her. Green and spritely, a little bush full of wet leaves sits in the foreground, a wooden fence made of slats in the background. The FujiFilm X100V resting on a wooden desk. A clumsy picture of a man’s face, looking down on the camera as it accidentally taitkes a picture of him. A beautiful hotel in Paris. Flags wave in the breeze. Foxtails are dangerous she said. I never step on them because they always hurt my dog. I laugh because her dog, Baby, is the most pathetic and beautiful create I’ve ever met. I hop over the fence, look down and snap a picture. A constellation of foxtails in every direction. A photograph of a very cool man. The man is holding a camera, obscuring his face. A woman walks up the stairs of the Louvre. The evening’s shadows are wilting along the stairwell and at the top, a small cluster of trees welcome her.