Dictionary Stories

Earlier today I wrote a quick review for Adventures all about Jez Burrows’ new book Dictionary Stories. It’s a lovely book and I hope my review cajoles, hood winks and tricks you into picking up a copy.

Here’s a quick snippet from the introduction where Jez writes about his experience writing it:

Spend the better part of a year reading and reconfiguring the dictionary to write a book of stories, and you’ll emerge on the other side with more than just paper cuts and a modestly enhanced vocabulary. You’ll remember how inspiration and small pleasures can hide in plain sight, patiently waiting for a keen coconspirator to spring them loose. You’ll find intimate connections between seemingly impossible bedfellows, and the universe will suddenly seem more knowable, if only for a second. You’ll discover the word “famulus,” “flocculent,” and “minibeast,” then sadly realize that, in all likelihood, you’ll never be able to drop them into casual conversation.

Damn I love the way that Jez writes.