Dept. of Enthusiasm

My pal Jez Burrows has started a newsletter called Dept. of Enthusiasm and I think everyone should sign up. Why? Well, first off—rude. Second, JB is one of my favorite people in the world but he also happens to be one of my favorite writers (don’t tell him I said any of this please). He’s funny and quick-witted, careful and kind.

With each edition of his newsletter, Jez is going to share something that he’s fallen in love with lately. It could be a book, or a film, or anything really. And as soon as he told me about it I gasped—YES!—gimme.

For this tiny website I helped out to make the letters in the word “enthusiasm” hop up and down, using the finest WiggleTech™ technology. I’ll be sure to write about how we did that for CSS-Tricks, but in the mean time you can see the final thing here:

See the Pen Enthusiasm by Robin Rendle (@robinrendle) on CodePen.