British & Exotic Mineralogy

My goodness, what a website this is:

All 2,242 illustrations from James Sowerby’s compendium of knowledge about mineralogy in Great Britain and beyond, drawn 1802–1817 and arranged by color.

I’m unfamiliar with Nicholas Rougeaux’s work but this is truly a lovely website. He reconstructed the source material from the Internet Archive and then fixed a ton of problems with the composite images. I can only imagine the mountain of work this all was. But—there are others, too! After a bit of clicking around on his website, I found that Nicholas has worked on similar projects in the past. One is called Illustrations of the Natural Orders of Plants and another that stood out to me was Werner’s
Nomenclature of Colours
—each of them are wondrous.

I’m now sat in my kitchen, in the dark, deliriously reading how he made this website. It’s all so upsettingly good. Ugh.