Blüte, Gerüst

Philip Smith made a lovely recording of him playing piano, but the story behind the recording is just as charming as the music itself:

Yesterday, on my way home, I went into a bar-restaurant I'd never been into before. There was a goat above the door, and I’d spotted a piano inside. I asked if I could play it and the woman asked what I play. I said “Richtung jazz”, or something similar. Her name is Dunya and mine is Phil.

Dunya said they do have a beautiful piano stool, but for now I sat on one of the wooden chairs. It was a Friday afternoon and people were out in the garden. It was the warmest day of the year so far. It’s the kind of place where everyone seems to work there. Familial.

I gave a fifty minute concert in two halves. They poured me a drink in the middle. Dunya asked how I found them. I said I just walked past. She smiled and said, “That’s how I want it.”