These are the days that I want; half in a book, half in a text file, halfway through two videogames in two separate rooms. I am plodding through ideas, running from room to room, from one thing to another.

These most perfect of days always begin with a long walk in the morning for coffee—either up and over the hill onto the Bernal strip or down the hill into Glenn Park—and so the day begins with rigid structure; shower, shave, dress. But eventually the day crumbles into a beautiful, disorganized blunder with no plans or goals. It’s at this time of the day I begin roaming about the apartment with a website half finished, a blog post in progress, a homepage redesigned. Bliss.

Like today; I shipped a new design for the homepage and updated the colors of the site, played an embarrassing amount of Ghost of Tsushima and Psychonauts 2—stopping only to pace around the apartment thinking of new ideas for writing projects—and now I’m putting the finishing touches to the CSS-Tricks newsletter.

I wish the structure of my days could be more like this though; more haphazard, more jumping from thing to thing with reckless abandon. There’s a punch-in-the-gut feeling I get when my days have too much structure to them. I require that feeling of jumping around whenever I want to, and I think it’s what gives me the energy to be a functional person. That jumpiness feeds back into my work and makes everything so much lighter and energetic, too.

How do I push my working life further in this direction then? How do I make my life...messier?