Blot makes me angry. It’s so painfully simple to make tiny websites, and the video there shows just how straightforward writing on the web can be instead of the rather blotted and clunky system that I’m working with today.

I’m using Netlify CMS and it feels too fragile. I’m not sure if it was built for writers, it feels like it was built for engineers instead who don’t do much writing. But I want a CMS that I can live inside of everyday. One that doesn’t randomly lose content, one that I can publish short missives from my phone. Or better yet: no CMS at all. One where I can just write things in my text editor, mash the save button and the deploy handles itself. No hassle, no faff.

(Editor’s note: I love the team at Netlify and everything they’re working on, but the CMS certainly feels like it doesn’t get enough attention.)

So perhaps I should spend next weekend throwing everything away and start again. I want the act of writing to be the hardest part of blogging, not the process.